Student Behaviour Code:

RES School expects all students to work to the best of that ability and to cooperate with fellow students to work to the best of their ability and to cooperate with fellow students and school staff in maintaining a safe, healthy and orderly learning environment.

A proper learning environment must be free from disruptive, threatening and dangerous behaviours that interfere with the excitement and challenges of teaching and learning.

These rules are intended to promote good citizenship, self-respect, respect for others, property and environment.


Any acts of violence, whether verbal, emotional, psychological or physical will not be tolerated.  In severe cases, the students may be suspended or dismissed.


Everyone at RES School is required to respect both public and private property.  Any form of vandalism and/or damage will not be tolerated.  Defacement of school property will not be tolerated (e.g. writing on desks with any substance).  The school will forward repair or replacement costs to students or the class as whole for the damages.


Stealing is totally not acceptable.  School has installed surveillance cameras in strategic places.  Once caught, expulsion is the general rule.  Taking care of personal property is a responsibility of everyone.


Littering is a bad habit.  Besides, it is the responsibility of every student to keep the school environment, classrooms and all other facilities clean and free from litter.

Plagiarism & Cheating

Plagiarism means stealing somebody’s work or idea: copying what somebody else has written or taking somebody else’s idea and trying to pass it off as original or present as his or her own.  Plagiarism is copying, whether it be directly from books, internet or from another student.  You  must acknowledge all ideas that you quote, paraphrase, and summarise from another author through a reference list and references.

RES students must not be involved in plagiarism.  All work must be the student’s own.  No grade will be awarded for plagiarised work.

No grades will be awarded for cheating on tests and homework.  Forging signatures is also serious offence that will be dealt with seriously.

Dress code

RES students are expected to come to school neatly dressed with the correct uniform, boys with hair cut short and trimmed.  Girls with required hair band, two plaits tied with ribbons.  No expensive jewelery or Mehanadi applied during school days.


Any device that can be used as a weapon will be confiscated when brought to school.  Not cooperating in this matter or using a weapon to threaten or harm anyone will cause the offender to be expelled from school.  In very serious cases, the offender will be reported to the police.

Electronic gadgets

Electronic gadgets such as digital music player, mobile phones, PCTs, etc. are not allowed to be used in classrooms.  Any student found using them in the class will have their device confiscated.

Toys, expensive Jewelery or excessive cash to school.

Students are not expected to bring toys, expensive jewelery or excessive cash to school.

Time outs/Detention

Time outs are for the Elementary students.  These take place during break, lunch time.  Detentions are for Middle and High school students.  These take place during after school only.  A letter will be sent to the parents giving the date and time of the detention. Parents are responsible for transportation of their child if an after school detention is given.


Students can receive suspensions from any school activity for committing serious offences or failing to respond to requests and actions seeking a change of behaviour.  Students may be given an in-school suspension where they remain on campus but will not attend classes or participate in any activity other than assigned tasks including work.  Students may also be asked to stay home for one or more days depending on the severity of the offence.  It is then the responsibility of the student to bring work home to catch up on work they have missed.

Parents will be called for a conference prior to all suspensions.

Choices & Consequences

At RES school students are expected to take responsibility for their decisions and actions.  Please consider the disciplinary measures listed  below:

Choices Sequences
If a student chooses to:
Skip class, homeroom Excessive tardiness,
Excessive absences,
Leave campus without permission,
Disrespect to staff,
Caught fighting&stealing,
Engage in serious damage to school property.
Cheat on a test,
Plagiarise Misuse of school computers
The consequence will be:
Detention, letter home Detention,
Letter home, parent conference.
Letter home, detention, parent conference.
Detention, suspension, parent informed
Detention, suspension, parent informed
Counselling, parent conference, suspension, expulsion.
Parent conference, possible expulsion for serious damage.
Zero for the work, detention or suspension falsify grades.
Suspension, parent conference, ban on use.