Each child is assessed every term for understanding, skills, questioning, thinking and creativity. Parents will receive a full report of their child for each subject, every term. Further, students are assessed for their level and style of learning through exercises and discussions on each concept taught during the previous day / week. This helps the teacher in getting regular feedback and student getting practice of answering and solving problems. Children work in classes of mixed age and ability. They are encouraged to learn at their own pace and a differentiation policy is followed.

Children are moved into the ‘year’ appropriate to their learning levels. However they may be learning certain subjects at a level which is either higher or lower according to their ability and small class sizes enable teachers to set work that is appropriate for each child.

We recognize and admit that there are individual differences among students. Some learn faster while some take little more time to grasp a concept or proposition. We endeavor not to slow down the fast learner by encouraging him/her to learn at his/her normal speed, while at the same time the not-so-fast learners are paid additional attention and care to enhance his/her learning skills and understanding levels.