RES School is the epicenter for the overall development of the student. The infrastructure comprises of spacious class rooms, well equipped laboratories and adequately stocked library. The airy and ventilated class rooms add freshness and opens up the students mind to receptive and focused learning. The library grows each year with new collections of books including fiction, non-fiction, text books, autobiographies and magazines with an idea to nurture, stimulate and widen the horizon of young minds.

The labs encourage students to test and prove the concepts and theories learnt. Conduction of sports and regular physical exercises ensure the maintenance of a healthy body and a healthy mind. Team spirit is encouraged and students are taught to be team players.

The faculty members use every technology tool at their disposal to foster a rich and varied learning environment in the learning rooms. This includes audiovisual systems, the Internet, and educational CDs. Every learning room also has a public address system, clocks, display and writing boards, custom made imported furniture and air conditioning.

Well-equipped and modernized laboratories are available for standard IV and above. The laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Languages, and Mathematics are equipped in accordance with the specifications and standards of state board. All experiments will be performed under the supervision of teachers and lab assistants.

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