Teju Yadhav
This is a reputed school. It's more than a school in the real sense. Here teacher teaches, preaches, enhances study of students in different ways. This school has fame in adjacent areas. Teachers here are friends, philosophers and guides. There are also several subjects to choose from and several extracurricular activities are held every year in the school for children and bound to have a wonderful time studying here.
Anuradha bajpayi
Best school ever. They are taught high values, manners, discipline and other extra curricular activities. The girls are very much self confident. I feel that it is one of the best school in Bangalore.
Roshini Shivkumar
One of the best schools for girls in Bangalore....Good for education, discipline, co-curricular activities...My daughter is studying here since LKG...All the Events are mind blowing...Every students gets the chance to participate...No partiality...Great school, spacious and beautiful campus
The staff in this school are very friendly. We can feel a very pleasant atmosphere here. They are not only give importance to studies but also for co curricular activities. Skilled and trained staff with excellent communication...peaceful environment... wow feel to say I belong to the alumni...