Coming from a family of educators who have dedicated their entire life to the noble cause of Education, I am humbled and privileged to carry forward this legacy handed over to me. It is with great pride I acknowledge RES School as a ‘Landmark School in Prakashnagar’. As a torchbearer, it is my earnest desire to do my utmost in further improving and build on what is already established to raise RES School to the portals of excellence in the holistic development of each child.

I look forward to having your child study in our School and kindly go through our website to know about RES School. Please feel free to contact me or the School administration for clarifications if any.

In the times that we live in, Education has transcended over and above the simple definition of textbook learning to developing life skills essential to be successful and handle well the pressures of a competitive world. Education at RES is also about instilling the confidence to follow a dream and building courage to tread the often beaten path to do something different. It is also about moulding the students to be responsible citizens of the society and the country.

The combined effort of the administration and the teachers is to make each child feel secure, comfortable and make learning at RES School a gainful and memorable experience.