Exceptional People

We are a caring, thoughtful community of exceptional people, from our students and ambitious parents to our hand-picked qualified staff.  The RES environment is people-centered.   We recognize achievements of all kinds and continue to develop the professional skills of our primary asset, our staff.  We strive to ensure that parents are fully engaged stakeholders in the learning process.


Commitment & Renewal

We are a school that is engaged in a process of continual improvement, growth and renewal, recognising the rapid changes required to keep pace with developments in education.  Our development plans are dedicated to bringing quality staff to a school whilst ensuring, committed investment in infrastructure and facilities.  Our purpose-built school is modern, contemporary and designed to enhance the learning experience of students of the 21st century.

Care & Compassion

RES understands the pressures of young people in the modern world.  Our teachers pride themselves on the care they give to children and the partnership they form with parents to allow children to be happy as well as successful.  RES endeavours to give priority to the highest standards of individual support.