What are the school timings?

Kindergarten – 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM

Grade 1 to 10 – 8:15 AM to 3:10 PM


What are the office timings?

The school office will be open from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM


What is the teacher-student ratio in the school?

The school has a 12:1 ratio for pre-primary and 25:1 for other classes


For which classes are admissions open in school?

RES has admissions open for children from Kindergarten up to Grade 9. We do not take fresh admissions for Grade 10


What is the house system at RES?

At RES, the children are divided into four houses –
Phoenix – Red House
Griffin – Green House
Gladiators – Blue House
Spartans – Yellow House


What are the annual events conducted in the school?

Every year, the school conducts a Sports Meet and an Annual day.


What is the behavioural code?

At RES, we exude the highest standards of behaviour inculcating the same with the children. The children are expected to work efficiently with fellow children, peers, and staff in maintaining a safe, healthy and orderly learning environment. Few codes that we strictly adhere to –
Violence/Fights – Any form of violence – verbal, emotional, psychological, or physical, is strictly punishable and counseling session for the student is provided on regular basis. The parent is also updated on the same.
Dress Code
The children are expected to be in ironed uniforms, trim hair-cuts (for boys), two braids tied with ribbons (for girls), clean and polished shoes. Expensive jewelry, nail paints, mehendi, tattoos are strictly not allowed.


Are there time-out policies at RES?

Yes, time-outs are ruled for Elementary children, which takes place during breaks or lunchtime. For the older children, we have detentions that take place post-school hours. The parents are notified of the time and date of detention via letter.


What is the infirmary policy at RES?

The school has qualified on-campus medical professionals who perform immediate medical duties – treating injuries, small illnesses, administering first-aid, and other emergency nursing measures. They also carry out medically approved written instructions caring for sick and injured children.

The experts also initiate screening activities to ascertain the health appraisal of children, provide instructions on various subjects (nutrition, rest, relaxation methods, communicable illness, home healthcare) and maintain accurate and updated health records of children.