Rules and Regulations

Rules & Regulations

Presentation Rules

  1. Students should carry his / her school diary and I-card every day to school.
  2. In the school hours, students must be present smartly.
  3. Students should be dressed in clean uniform, well-polished shoes, and proper socks.
  4. Students should wear comfortable cotton undergarments.
  5. Students are to ensure a very high standard of cleanliness and personal hygiene.
  6. The girls’ shirts are to be as prescribed in the Dress Code and should be worn, extending at least 6” below the waist.
  7. Girls’ skirt should be up to knee length.
  8. Boys’ must tuck in their shirts at all times.
  9. Boys must cut their hair short.
  10. Girls with long hair should have their hair plaited or tied neatly. We prohibit coloured, tinted or highlighted hair.
  11. We do not permit students to wear ostentatious or expensive jewellery, watches, wristbands or similar accessories.

Strict Regulations

  1. The school bans items that cause physical harm, injury, terror or destruction to life and property.
  2. The school bans the possession of knives, guns, pistols, explosives, catapults, firecrackers, gas lighters, and similar items in campus.
  3. Possession or consumption of heroin, marijuana, charas, opium, bhang or any other banned drugs, alcohol or alcoholic drinks including beer or any other similar item by the students is completely banned. Any violation of this policy will be subject to severe disciplinary action which may include immediate expulsion from the school.
  4. Mobile telephones, iPods (MP3 players), walk-man gadgets are out of bounds for students in the school premises.
  5. The school bans consumption of chewing gum, pan or pan masala or similar substances.

Other Important Rules

  1. Students are strictly forbidden to write on the walls or any part of the school premises including toilets or furniture.
  2. Students should not use any sort of abusive language at any time, which may lead to expulsion from the school.
  3. There must be complete silence in campus during class hours.
  4. We prohibit loitering outside classrooms or laboratories.
  5. Students must not run around and shout in the school premises.
  6. When using stair cases and corridors, students must keep to the left.
  7. Students should keep the campus free of litter.
  8. Students must treat all school property (the building, equipment, furniture, fittings, books etc.) with care and respect and report any damage to their class teacher.
  9. Students found guilty of wilful damage will be punished and charged for any necessary repairs & replacements.